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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Perfume is something I still feel is a luxury, so many have beautiful bottles and can completely change the look of any dressing table. I really enjoyed writing my previous perfume reviews so I thought I would do another one.

How long it lasts: 2/3hours
Price: £30.60 30ml gift set - This comes with a mini bottle for your handbag:
Design of bottle: 8/10 
Would I repurchase: No
Overall: 6/10

First off I want to say that this is such a beautiful bottle, I think when I finish it I might still keep it. The sweet is quite sweet, which is right up my alley. I love the smell and I would wear it day or night. As you can see above I have said I wouldn't repurchase it just because it takes a lot for me to repurchase a perfume I have to be head of hills for it, that being said I would buy this for a friend or family member as I do this this is a nice perfume. It doesn't stay on my skin for ages but a few hours which is fine if your going out on a date or a meal with friends. Then I think this would be a great perfume. I think it is slightly more of a mature sweet scent than some other sweet perfumes, so for someone like me in my mid twenties I have no problem saying I'm wearing this. Overall this is a nice perfume, gorgeous design and a pretty smell. 

I hope this was helpful, let me know any other perfumes I should try and that you would like me to review. 


Carpe diem


DISCLAIMER: My parents bought me this as a present. All views are my own as always. 

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