DIY - Glitter Stag Head Canvas

Saturday, November 30, 2013


So today I wanted to do a DIY this is a first for my blog, if I do a DIY I don't do a tutorial on my channel or a step by step on here, but I thought I would share this with you. I hop you have a go at doing this and make sure you Instagram or tweet it to me I would love to see if you do anything different, or if you just fancy giving it a go.

What you will need:
Sprinkle Glitter
PVA glue
Paint brush
Stag head template
Sealant spray or Hairspray (I forgot to add it to the picture)

Step 1
Cut around the edge of the stag head.

Step 2
Draw around the edge of the stag head.

Step 3
With your PVA glue cover sections of the stag head and then cover with glitter.

Step 4
Time to leave it for about 4 to 12 hours. I left mine for 12 just to make sure. Then you want to tap your canvas onto the brown paper to remove all the excess glitter, and make sure you pour the remaining glitter back into the glitter pot, there is no need for wasting precious glitter.

Final step
Spray it with sealant spray or hairspray I have heard that hairspray works to so I have used it for the first time and it seems to work well so far.

I hope you liked this DIY and found it useful I have been inspired by other peoples DIYs with different colours and different stag heads.

If you do decide to recreate this then please send it to my Instagram: goddessmnemosyne or tweet it to me @mnemosynetweet I would love to see some.

Carpe diem


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