*Aikosmetics Luxury Rose Gold Make Up Brushes

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aikosmetics Luxury Rose Gold Full Set* | available from aiksometics.com for £59.99

When I received an email to review these beautiful rose gold make up brushes I jumped at the chance. I am HUGE fan of make up brushes and also rose gold, so when I was kindly sent this full set I filmed a make up tutorial on my everyday make up using these brushes, I was also able to offer you a giveaway so make sure you check out my channel LovedBySteph to find out how to enter.  

This beautiful range of 11 brushes are made up of 6 face brushes which are made of 100% synthetic hair, and the 5 eye brushes are made of natural hair. The face brushes are incredibly soft, I have to say  these are my favourite brushes. The Flawless Finish Brush is a perfect dupe for the Sigma F80 and ever since I received this set I have been using it everyday. I have also been loving the Powder Brush it's super soft and again I haven't stopped using this brush, they have both made it into my staple brush collection. 

As for the eye brushes I have been using the Smokey Eye Brush which is the angled brush is brilliant for building a deeper colour on the outer v of your eye. I am also a big fan of the larger blending brush to apply my eyeshadow as is pics up the colour really well. 

All in all I would say this is a beautiful brush collection, the full set covers pretty much every brush you would need for your collection, but if the full set is slightly above your spending limit then they do offer the Essential Set for £39.99. For the quality and the beautiful design I would say the price isn't to bad at all. 
Love Steph

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