How To Beat Holiday Blues

Sunday, July 05, 2015

It has got to that time of year that many of us have either just been on holiday or your looking forward to your holiday. Going on vacation is one of my favourite things to do but the feeling I have when I get home is just awful, I suffer with serious post holiday blues. So it made me think about writing a post with a few things that help me get over my blues, that might help you. 

  • REMINISCE - The first thing I usually do is look back over all my photos and videos, this makes me feel like I'm still there. If you have a blog or YouTube channel this is the perfect time to start editing or writing those posts. The other thing I like to do it produce a photobox phonebook. It's so much fun to design your book and they usually have some great discounts to.
  • MOURN - I think it is totally ok to feel sad about the amazing trip you just had, you have probably been saving and planning for ages so I think a little mourning is perfectly fine. I usually watch a movie or TV programme that reminds me of my holiday, for example when we went to Vegas and LA this year I watched The Hangover and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It is just important that you don't stay in the mourning state and sometimes I will say "enough is enough". 
  • ORGANISE - This is defiantly a favourite thing for me to do, I like to throw myself into organising something. Usually my wardrobe and drawers, or the kitchen cupboards. I find when I get back from a holiday I don't ever seem to pack everything away straightaway there might be a few things lying around which makes our place feel cluttered, this then drives me to get stuck in and sort out parts of the flat a kind of "spring clean" feeling, this usually makes me feel really good when it's done.
  • PLAN - The first thing I usually do is start thinking about the next holiday we can go on. This one usually get's Dan frustrated but I feel I NEED to do this. This is the best medicine for me so I can start getting excited again. If you can't afford to plan another holiday then a fun shopping trip with some girlie friends or a spa weekend. It could even be a weekend with a new TV show to binge watch with some yummy food. I have been obsessed with Entourage recently just in time for the movie.

I hope this has helped some of you and comment below if you have any tips for my lovely readers, so we can get over our holiday blues together. 

Love Steph

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