The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This range from The Body Shop has come just in time for summer. The Virgin Mojito range is just beautiful, the smell is so fresh and zesty it puts you in such a summery mood, even if the UK weather isn't. 
They have a large collection including a Body Sorbet, Body Splash, Body Butter, Exfoliant and Shower Gel. I only bought the Shower Gel and Exfoliant but I must say the Splash sounds great. I used it in the store and I could imagine it would get a little messy, but you would for sure feel refreshed. 

I love using an exfoliant on a regular basis, to help with my dry skin and prolonging any fake tan I might use. I first smelt the exfoliant and was blown away and knew I had to buy something from the range. As I was smelling other products from the range I did notice that they all smelt a little different, some seemed stronger on the lime and others on the mint etc. 

I picked up the shower gel for the main reason I was about to run out of my current one and I love the Body Shop Shower Gels and thought the 2 would be a great combination. The exfoliant is not a daily scrub and should only be used 2 times a week to prevent you losing to much of your own natural oils. 

I am defiantly interested in trying the Body Sorbet as I loved my Satsuma one I bought last summer. This is a limited edition range so make sure you get your self down to a Body Shop and pick some up. The Exfoliant retails for £15 and the Shower Gel is their standard £8. 

Love Steph

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