Chantel Martin Candle Review | 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I am such a huge fan of candles, which you probably already know as I have featured so many on my channel. I was lucky enough to have these sent to me, now I usually go for fruity, sweet summery candles but this time I fancied trying out the Hot Apple Pie as I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming Autumn season and well... Watermelon Sorbet as I just can't get enough watermelon. 

First off I love the jars and the size of the candles, the Hot Apple Pie is the Large Apothecary Jar which is £15.99 and the Watermelon Sorbet is the Medium Apothecary Jar which is only £9.99. Some candles have become so big that it's quite nice to have a normal size candle. They do offer a luxury scent range which I have to say I do prefer those jars to these ones as they do have a more high end look to them and I am a little bit of a packaging snob. 

This might come as a shock to you but the Hot Apple Pie is my favourite, it's burning as I writing this post and OH MY GOD I need to go out an get an apple pie with custard it just smells AMAZING!!! It only has to burn for about 5 minutes or so and it will smell like you have an apple pie baking in the oven. I would totally recommend this for autumn and winter I know this is going to be my new favourite autumn candle for sure. 

Now for the Watermelon Sorbet, this isn't as strong and takes a little longer for the scent to come though, it is a very nice smell but very subtle so if you don't like strong candles then this would be a good one to go for. It has a light sweet scent that is perfect for a sunny day or if your having a clean up around the house and would like a fresh fruity scent then this works great, it is the candle I burn on a Saturday morning when I am cleaning the house. 

If you want to pick these candles up click on the website: they have free shipping on orders over £20, so I would suggest maybe picking up some early Christmas prezzies (yup I said the C word) and then treat yourself and get that free shipping. 

I am so excited to try out some new autumn scented candles, let me know what candles your loving or excited to pick up of the coming season.

Love Steph

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  1. Your blog is lovely & these candles sound AMAZING. I am a complete candle lover & currently have a cupboard dedicated to my candle stash. Haha x