My Favourite Things to Watch at Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This has to be my favourite time of year right after summer (I am a summer baby at heart) and one of the reasons is it is a great excuse to stay in and watch lots of movies and old TV shows. For some reason even though Christmas comes around quicker and quicker each  year I still get excited to watch the same programmes and movies to help me get into the Christmas spirit. This year I am partially excited as it will be my first Christmas with Jed in our lovely new home. 
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things to cosy up on the sofa with my hot chocolate and marshmallows and watch.
The Santa Claus Movie
This is my all-time favourite Christmas movie with Tim Allen in, it doesn’t seem to be to popular but this is a movie I have watched with my family every Christmas Eve. I have such great memories watching this movie, and one of the things that I was super happy to find out was that it is Jed’s favourite Christmas movie. I was quite surprised and we don’t actually like many of the same movies. This is a classic for me. 

The Vicar of Dibley Christmas special
This is always on around Christmas and is just easy to watch and I always have a good giggle when I watch it. 

Michael McIntyre usually has some Christmas comedy show 
I would say Michael McIntyre is my favourite comedian, and generally every Christmas he does some kind of comedy show and I always have to watch it, so I’m hoping he will do anything this year. Fingers Crossed. 

Four Christmases 
This isn’t actually a very Christmassy movie, but I LOVE Vince Vaughn I think he is super funny, and this is quite a funny movie so it is defiantly worth a go if you haven’t seen it. 

The Christmas Carol, 1999 the one with Patrick Stewart
So this movie always reminds me of my dad, he watches this every year and LOVES it!! He always talks through it saying how good it is and I’m usually like “Dad if you stopped talking then maybe we would be able to watch it” which we then all have a giggle, because he gets a little sensitive. Got to love those traditions! 

The Polar Express
This is a weird one for me because when I first watched it I didn’t like it at all, then for some reason one day I bought and found it soo Christmassy and cosy with the candles going and I’m all wrapped up in a throw that I actually really enjoyed it. 

Home Alone
I was quite late to the Home Alone band wagon as I only started to watch it about 3 years ago, and I really do like it. The only thing I will say is that I don’t like any of the others; I only like to watch the first one. 
All of the Friends Christmas special episodes
This was kind of a no brainer, I love to watch all the Friends episodes anyway but to the Christmas ones are great, and Comedy central never lets me down by playing them all one after the other.  

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Specials
I love to watch food programmes but when Jamie does his ones at Christmas I LOVE them especially when he does them with his crazy Italian friend/mentor. They play jokes on each other all the time and it does make me giggle. I also like some of the food he makes; I’m crazy for his roast potatoes and the roasted vegetables…PERFECTION!!!

I think that’s it for my favourite things to watch at Christmas, hope your all getting excited. 



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